Why I Give


Kushma, DebBy supporting all three legs of the stool—offering opportunities for new graduates to explore the non-profit sector through Project 55 Fellowships; helping Emerging Leaders develop the same skills that private industry provides to its talent; and connecting those with significant career experience with non-profit partners who could benefit from this experience through ARC Innovators —AlumniCorps is truly a leader in providing non-profits with the talent and engagement necessary for such organizations to succeed.  Add to this AlumniCorps’ model of engaging local Princeton alumni within their home communities to serve on area committees that both identify partner organizations and provide mentoring and support to PP55 fellows, and there is no doubt that AlumniCorps both directly embodies and underscores Princeton’s mantra of ‘in the Nation’s service.’

- Debra Firstenberg Kushma ’80 S79 P13 K55


Dominic Michel BW-1Project 55 fellows who work at Prep for Prep serve as role models, mentors and counselors for Prep students during their years in independent schools and are the face of Prep for Prep at the partner schools. These Princeton graduates attended the kind of elite college that we want Prep for Prep graduates to aspire to, and this connection is exactly what the PP55 fellowship program is all about. Prep for Prep now requires PP55 fellows to make a two-year commitment. One of the former fellows, Farayi Wiley ’99, returned to the organization as an administrator and works with two current fellows, Jocelyn Johnson ’12 and Banke Martins ’13.

I think it’s important to be involved in Princeton in a way that’s in the public interest, and that’s why I support AlumniCorps. I’ve worked with countless numbers of non-profits, and I know that Princeton AlumniCorps provides things that are desperately needed in the sector – talented, hard-working young people; intelligent and qualified future leaders; and pro bono expertise from professionals with great experience in a variety of fields.

- Dominic Michel ‘70


Taylor, ScottI see a contribution to Princeton AlumniCorps as ‘leveraged philanthropy’, an investment in many, many organizations and alumni who are addressing crucial societal concerns from healthcare, to education, to community development.  Princeton AlumniCorps is an impact multiplier that is improving the effectiveness of numerous public interest agencies around the country.

- Scott Taylor ’75




IMG_1060I first became involved with AlumniCorps when I needed smart, inexpensive talent at my nonprofit organization and hired Princeton Project 55 fellows who were incredibly effective and a true pleasure to supervise. I was astonished to discover that AlumniCorps ran its fellowship program with only five staff and a budget of approximately $400K. In the seven years since I joined AlumniCorps, we have added two new programs and expanded existing programs to new cities without an increase in the size of the staff who coordinate the varied activities of this vibrant and growing alumni organization. AlumniCorps is truly a lean and efficient organization that uses every dollar we receive to support our alumni-driven programs, using our staff to leverage the contributions of an extraordinary corps of more than 200 volunteers annually.

- Kathy Miller '77


Our class has built a solid organization. We have brought younger alumni and others onto the Board of Directors to sustain the project. There are hundreds more volunteers around the country playing significant roles. How do you keep this going? Ann and I decided to make a bequest in my will that will perpetuate my current level of annual support. It’s a gift that will make a real difference and will build civic leadership indefinitely. What better way!”

- George Hackl ’55