Keystone Society Members

Keystone Society

Members of the Keystone Society have committed to ensuring the stability and long-term health of Princeton AlumniCorps through a planned gift. The Keystone Society is our way of saying thank you for remembering AlumniCorps in your estate plans. Please let us know in writing when you have included AlumniCorps in your will or as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy. That’s all we need to welcome you as a member of the Keystone Society. Unless otherwise designated by you, Keystone Society gifts will be added to the AlumniCorps endowment. 

As well as being able to take great pride in ensuring the sustainability of AlumniCorps, Keystone Society members enjoy:

  • Special recognition at an annual event to celebrate Keystone Society members. At the event, new members are presented with an elegant lapel pin, in honor of their lasting contribution to Princeton AlumniCorps.
  • Free admission to all ticketed AlumniCorps events.
  • Recognition in organizational communications, including on our website, in our annual report, and through features in our newsletter.


Keystone Members, updated as of May 2017

Thomas D. Allison, Jr. ‘66 George C. Hackl ’55 Oral O. Miller ’55
Jayne Barnard s55 & John C. Tucker ’55* John D. Hamilton ’55 Mary P. Murley ’76 & Robert Murley ’72
Harry Berkowitz ’55* Peter Hawryluk ’55 Michael D. Robbins ’55*
Kirsten Hund Blair ’84 s*84 Richard L. Herbruck ’55* A. Chester Safian ’55*
Thomas D. Boyatt ‘55 Peter Jefferys ’55 William Shafer ’55
Stephen M. Boyd ’55 Thomas S. Jordan ’55 Judith Hole Suratt s55
Charles W. Bray, III ’55* Kef Kasdin’85 Scott F. Taylor ’75
 Harold Colton-Max ’91 Sharon Keld ’80 Richard O. Walker ’73
Rebecca Deaton ’91 William R. Leahy ’66 Nelson H. Wild ’55
Milton J. Deitch ’55 & Sara H. Deitch s55 Myron S. Lee ’55 Alan M. Willemsen’55
Liz Duffy ’88 s83 & John Gutman ’83 s88 Peter T. Milano ’55 J. Rogers Woolston ’55
John H. Fish ’55* Kathryn A. Miller ’77
James A. Gregoire ’69 & Jane K. Gregoire s’69 Lewis Miller ’49
  * we remember
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