Apply to Host an Innovator

How could a fresh perspective and real expertise help you innovate?

ARC Innovators works closely with our partner organizations to assess their needs, develop a meaningful project, and match them with an Innovator who can provide short term support to the organization. Innovators are from the Princeton AlumniCorps  network who come to the program with significant expertise and experience in many areas. Their goal is to use their skills and experience to provide a fresh perspective to your organization’s ongoing high impact projects.

Princeton AlumniCorps matches alumni from our pool of Innovators to projects submitted by our partner organizations. Projects should be well-defined, with specific deliverables, a discrete beginning and end, as well as, a positive impact on your organization.

Projects typically last 2-6 months, with a varying time commitment based on the Innovator’s availability and your organization’s needs. Your organization should have the capacity to provide direction and support to the Innovator, ideally from senior management. The most successful Innovator projects are challenging, of strategic importance to your organization’s leadership, and require an advanced skill set that you cannot source from existing staff or contractors.

Innovators do not participate in direct fundraising, donor solicitation, or event planning projects. They may however, participate in creation of high level strategic planning for development needs.

We are currently accepting ARC Innovator projects from our partner organizations. The deadline for submission August 31st.


We will refer Innovators to your organization throughout early fall with projects starting in late 2018 and early 2019. It is anticipated that most projects will be completed by Spring, 2019.

In order to be matched with an Innovator, please complete the Organization Application by logging in below. The application form includes basic organization information, a needs assessment, and a project description. If this is your first time filling out the Organization Application, please create an account.

If you have questions, please contact, Caryn Tomljanovich, Director of Programs and Strategy,  at We strongly encourage you to contact Caryn to discuss your project before submitting the project description.