Fund a piece of AlumniCorps programming, at a level that works for you!

There are many ingredients to AlumniCorps programs–from intimate seminars for ten Project 55 Fellows learning from civic leaders to the top-notch, day-long training sessions where Emerging Leaders learn to be more effective agents of change. Many of our donors wish to support specific pieces of our programs, from the small and meaningful to the large and transformative. We have identified the needs below as opportunities for you to fund something specific. The gift levels reflect what it costs AlumniCorps to provide these services.

Funders will be recognized for their support of these items in our Shared Effort newsletter and on our website. Donors who fund a need at the $2500 level or above will get recognition plus personal outreach from the Fellows, Leaders, or Innovators they support. Event sponsors will receive invitations to the event and recognition there. If you want to restrict your gift to a region (fully fund an Emerging Leader in Washington, DC, for example), please indicate that in the box at the end of the form.