K-12 Curriculum Coordinator

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KIPP Schools NJ Published: December 8, 2016 (10 months ago)


What will I be doing in this position?


KIPP New Jersey is looking for a K-12 Curriculum Coordinator to join KIPP New Jersey’s growing Teaching and Learning team. Overall, much of the work of the K – 12 Curriculum Coordinator will be to support and manage internal assessments in Science and Social Studies for our region, as well as to support teachers in curricular implementation in general.


We need the fellow to manage the rollout of our new science and social studies curricula for the 2017-18 school year. The fellow would serve as the Teaching & Learning TEAM’s point person for Science and Social Studies in the region. The fellow would be the point person in response to questions from teachers and leaders about the implementation of the two new curriculum options being put in place for the school year, which will often require research (but prior knowledge not necessary).


The fellow will help put shared assessments onto our assessment platform Illuminate and review/vet for all of our internal assessment criteria. This will require learning how to use our assessment platform and research into the qualities of a strong and aligned assessment. The fellow will also manage assessment data from Science and Social Studies across the region and develop data analysis skills to see trends across our schools.


On the operations side, the fellow will serve as a project coordinator for the Teaching & Learning TEAM. The Teaching & Learning TEAM oversees academics and instruction for all of our schools, and we have many day to day operations such as organizing our professional development sessions for all of our teachers and coordinating walkthroughs in our schools.


What skills and qualifications do I need to be successful in this position? 


The fellow must:

-      Be willing to learn about the new curricular adoptions for Science and Social Studies

-      Be able to think flexibly

-      Be incredibly responsive

-      Be able to problem-solve even in unfamiliar territory

-      Provide exceptional “customer service” as the point person for these disciplines

-      Be highly organized


Additional qualifications that are good to have:


-      Has teaching experience, ideally in Science and/or Social Studies - Volunteer experience is acceptable.

-      Has familiarity with the NGSS and/or CCSS in Science/Social Studies



How will this position help me grow professionally?


The fellow will gain project management experience and develop skills in assessment, teacher training and curriculum management.


What is the organization's mission and history?


One day our nation will know Newark and Camden, New Jersey, as cities of world-class public education.


KIPP New Jersey schools are part of the nationally recognized “Knowledge Is Power Program” non-profit network of college-preparatory, free, public charter schools educating elementary, middle, and high school students. In 2002, KIPP New Jersey first opened its doors in Newark’s South Ward as a single class of 80 fifth graders and has since grown to serve over 4,500 students in grades K-12 in Newark and Camden. More than 92% of KIPP New Jersey students currently qualify for free or reduced meals.


In the next few years, KIPP New Jersey will have fifteen schools in Newark and ten in Camden. By offering highly effective educators with strong bonds to families, more time in school learning, services that support a variety of student needs, and a culture focused on achievement, our students are on the path to and through college proving that demographics don’t define destiny.


What are the organization's programs?


KIPP New Jersey plans to bring on Project 55 Fellows to join our Teaching and Learning and our School Operations team.


KIPP New Jersey is a nonprofit organization that operates a network of public charter schools in Newark and Camden that center on empowering students to succeed both in their academics and in life. We focus on the needs of our students and build strong foundations that will empower them from elementary school all the way through college.


Why does this organization want a PP55 Fellow? What long-term impact will I have?


We believe that adding smart, driven people to our team is an essential component of providing the best support possible to our kids and families. We believe in giving our staff members the freedom to take on new challenges. We also believe in doing whatever it takes to support our staff members as they grow and develop.


What is the organization's culture?


KIPP New Jersey believes in taking our work seriously, while not necessarily taking ourselves too seriously. We believe it is our privilege to serve all kids, and this often requires thinking outside of the box. We believe that we will do our work best when we stay committed to the our six organizational values.


Kid Focus:

Kid Focus means believing that promises made to children are sacred, and keeping our commitments to them no matter what. Kid Focus is seeking what is best for our students rather than simply what is most efficient or is most straightforward for the adults in the room. Ultimately, Kid Focus is committing to doing whatever it takes, no matter what, to help our students succeed. Kid Focus is believing that students’ life‐long success is more important than their short‐term achievement or behavior. Kid Focus is knowing that our children are our children no matter what time of day it is, whether they’re at home or at school, or whether they are current students or alumni. We act in the interest of each individual child without sacrificing the good of one for the good of many.



A person who exemplifies Freedom uses the freedom they have as a part of our network to develop new programs, practices, and ideas in service of our students. They take risks and innovate, always in search of systems that work better, more efficiently, or in more kid‐focused ways. And while so much of what we do rests on the foundation of the collaborative teamwork we seek to instill in our work, our best managers and leaders give their teams the freedom they need to constantly grow. And as we get larger as an organization, it is especially important for us to recognize that while some structures are necessary and free us up to concentrate on the most important things, we should also constantly seek to remove, and avoid building unnecessary bureaucracy.



Focusing on Impact means focusing on achieving the results that help our students achieve at an incredibly high level. Instead of holding on to process or tradition, we believe that the ultimate results we seek are for all of our students getting to and through college or the life path they choose. People who exemplify Impact help our students do just that and we constantly track our progress to make sure our students are reaching their ambitious goals. We work hard to have a significant, measurable impact on students’ academic achievement either through the classroom or by laying a foundation on which our schools are able to stand. We seek to impact as many of our city’s underserved children as is possible to do without diminishing the quality of the education we provide.



We exhibit fun by constantly infusing teaching and relationships and day‐to‐day interactions with fun, making a significant impact in our network and allowing us to take on serious work with an exceedingly rare energy and excitement that shapes our culture. So many of us came to KIPP New Jersey for the relentless Kid Focus. But we often stay for the fun. It's what sustains us. As educators. as people. It’s an integral piece of our relationships with each other and with our kids.


Exhibiting Improvement means having a singular focus on getting better, and constantly seeking to improve their work and school, no matter how good it already is. We seek solutions rather than complaining or ignoring problems when something is not working. We create and share new practices, ideas, or approaches to age‐old challenges and while we celebrate success, we never run a victory lap or stay satisfied with how good things were last year or last trimester. We do not seek perfection, but constant upward growth, and we know that building successful classrooms and schools is a journey. We are energized by constantly learning new things and pushing ourselves to get better. We see our development as our own responsibility and with humility we consistently seek to help others improve, regularly giving and seeking feedback.



TEAMwork means putting the interests of others, both students and staff, above their own needs. We consistently celebrate our wins, and are egoless in seeking to do what’s best for the whole organization and our colleagues. We also put the interests of the organization above the interests of an individual school, team, or classroom and directly and candidly speak up when our teammates’ actions are inconsistent with our values. We approach new ideas and other people with humility and an assumption of positive intent rather than judgment.