Energy Analyst Fellow

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Elevate Energy Published: October 28, 2016 (11 months ago)


What will I be doing in this position?

The Energy Analyst will work in the Energy Efficient Building Services team providing technical assistance to building owners. The Energy Analyst will conduct energy assessments and analysis. The energy analyst role includes site evaluations of properties, analysis of current and future energy use of rental and commercial buildings, and the creation of energy assessment reports provided to owners. Additionally, this role will also involve some research into new technologies and retrofit strategies for Elevate programs. This is an entry level position for which Elevate Energy will provide training.


This position may also be supporting other departments at Elevate in research and data analysis.


What skills and qualifications do I need to be successful in this position? 

A fellow should have the following skills, interests and qualifications:


-       Four year Bachelor’s degree.

-       Exceptional organizational and coordination skills

-       Ability to independently leverage critical thinking skills to address real world customer issues based on well-defined         program guidelines

-       A demonstrated attention to detail

-       Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills

-       Ability to work well independently and in a team setting

-       Willingness to travel throughout Chicago and the Midwest region

-       Valid Driver’s License

-       Proficiency in MS Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access)

-       Excellent written and verbal communication

-       Must be able to pick up new concepts quickly, take initiative in addressing unforeseen obstacles, and have ability to multitask and meet tight deadlines


How will this position help me grow professionally?


As stated above, all of our recent fellows have moved up at least once in their professional development while with us. We have enjoyed overlapping fellows, so there is a natural mentoring that occurs. We also have a very engaged management team that looks to the fellows for observations and suggestions regarding their employment and about the organization as a whole.


Specific skills gained at Elevate include:

— Project management

— Engineering

— Critical Thinking

— Strategic Thinking

— Customer Service

— Energy and Environmental Policy

— Program design

— Working in teams

What is the organization's mission and history? 

Elevate Energy was formed in 2000 by the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT). We got our start organizing neighborhood-specific responses to address brownouts affecting the Chicago area. From there we invented the concept of hourly electricity pricing programs for residential customers, piloted a program to prove it would work, and then helped pass a law to make it available to everyone in Illinois. From these early successes, we saw that pairing relevant technical solutions and education could improve energy efficiency in a major way, and create benefits for everyone. Next, we partnered with the affordable housing community to use energy efficiency retrofits in apartment buildings as a tool to preserve vital housing stock for working families.

What are the organization's programs?

ComEd’s Hourly Pricing Program

We administer ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program, an hourly electricity pricing program for residential electricity consumers in the ComEd territory. The program allows households to pay the hourly, wholesale market price for electricity, providing more control and opportunity for savings on energy bills.


Ameren Illinois Power Smart Pricing

We also administer Ameren Illinois Power Smart Pricing, an hourly electricity pricing program for residential electricity consumers in Ameren Illinois territory. Hourly electricity pricing lets consumers pay lower electricity prices during off-peak hours such as nights and weekends, giving them more control over their household energy bills.


Energy Efficient Building Services

Elevate Energy’s full-service efficiency program provides practical, easy, and affordable upgrades to buildings. Our team guides building owners and managers through the entire retrofit process and can help owners save 30 percent on utility and maintenance costs.


Energy Planning

Since 2004, energy planners at Elevate Energy have worked to integrate energy and sustainability planning and align these efforts with traditional planning processes. Energy is recognized as an increasingly important factor in urban planning. Our planners work with municipalities, counties, and regional planning agencies to analyze how growth will impact energy consumption and to develop comprehensive plans for managing increasing energy needs while minimizing costs, service disruptions, and environmental impacts.


Why does this organization want a PP55 Fellow? What long-term impact will I have?

We hope that our fellow might decide that the work they're doing for Elevate is just what they want to do with their careers. We have had P55 fellows for a number of years. The fellows have aided in the past to assist with our Energy Efficient Buildings department, and other areas.


In the past, our P55s have stayed on after their fellowship and converted into full time employees to work further with Elevate Energy. We also like that these fellows who have performed so well will move out into the world with fond memories of and excellent skills from their time at Elevate.


What is the organization's culture?

Walking the Walk

We’re all about smarter energy use for all, including ourselves.


Our first office was a 1920’s weaving factory, which we renovated to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Platinum status in 2005, making it the second building in Chicago to achieve this level of designation. Our affiliate CNT still resides there.


Our second office space had a large paved lot that we tore up to create a rain garden that reduced runoff and created an oasis alongside our busy, gritty street.


At our current home in Chicago’s West Loop, we improved our space to achieve LEED Certification at the Gold Level.

We’ve won the citywide Bike to Work Week Challenge for 11 years in a row.


We recycle our paper, plastic, and glass, sure, but we even recycle our food scraps—which are extra tasty to our vermicomposting worms.


We were a top-10 finisher in the 2013 Chicago Green Office Challenge.