Coordinator - Inspiring a Conservation Ethic

D and R Greenway Published: December 4, 2017 (3 months ago)


What will I be doing in this position?


Note:  Part of the compensation will be provided in housing.  The fellow will be housed in a four-room apartment in a house on D&R Greenway's Johnson Education Center campus.  Heat, electric and gas are provided; the fellow will be responsible for phone, internet, cable.  The house is surrounded by 70+ acres of parkland with walking trails, meadows, a stream and woods.


The work of the fellow will include:

1) Development of health-related programming and advancement of selected partnership programs for delivery at the Johnson Education Center and on D&R Greenway preserves. This will involve use of apps, securing speakers and preparing graphic presentations.

2) Development of new apps to encourage patients recovering from illnesses and the public to enjoy the health benefits of recreating and renewing in the outdoors. The program will be developed in response to the new evidence that being in nature is healing and promotes overall better health. 

3) Visionary planning for exhibits and physical features on D&R Greenway's Conservation Campus with an eye to inspiring curiosity and commitment in visitors as future collaborative partners. This involves working with an architect, a committee and senior staff.

4) Interaction with partnership programs including River Days that involves 23 nature centers working together to inspire stewardship actions in the Delaware River Watershed.

What skills and qualifications do I need to be successful in this position? 


The fellow should feel comfortable in a challenging environment, and have the ability to be patient and engaging with people from all walks of life.

The position requires a people person with a good sense of humor and ability to work collaboratively. Strong communication skills, excellent writing and presentation skills, as well as a high level of maturity when dealing with the public are a must.

The fellow should have Microsoft Office skills, and experience with Photoshop is a great skill to bring to the table.


How will this position help me grow professionally?


The fellow will learn how to negotiate the interfaces of the health care system as we explore how to establish provider relationships for referrals for time in nature. His/her management and program development skills will be enhanced by designing and implementing the "Healing Trails Initiative". In a small organization, staff learn to be flexible and innovative, responding to needs of other staff and the ever changing organizational environment. We offer a great learning environment for young professionals. 


What is the organization's mission and history?


D&R Greenway Land Trust's mission is to Preserve and Care for Land, and to Inspire a Conservation Ethic, Now and Forever. Founded in 1989, we have preserved more than 20,000 acres in NJ of urban, suburban and rural farms and open space! We care for more than 6,000 acres providing conservation management, habitat enhancement, and access to the public via 30+ miles of trails that we have built and maintain. Our Johnson Education Center in Princeton is surrounded by Greenway Meadows Park. We host educational programs and lectures by thought leaders and art and educational exhibits that move visitors to take action for the environment. We are a leader among land trusts in connecting health and nature, and the arts and nature. Under leadership of a Project 55 fellow, we have established a 2 acre award-winning urban farm in Trenton that serves a diverse, underserved neighborhood. Our second fellow, using new GPS technology, created two TravelStorys apps to tell the story of the Abbott Marshlands by paddling in the tidal waters and walking the trails. She also worked as the lead staff to found Riverdays a partnership with the William Penn Foundation designed to educate the public about the importance of the Delaware River, water quality and water resources. Our programs have won awards at national, state and local levels.


What are the organization's programs?

Our primary focus is to preserve and care for land and inspire a conservation ethic. "Inspiring a Conservation Ethic" is accomplished through a variety of programs that will be developed by the fellow with a new emphasis on health and nature. A recent book published in February 2017, the Nature Fix by Florence Williams, shares research on why nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creative. This fellow will be the lead staff for our "Healing Trails Initiative" - an initiative to encourage patients recovering from illnesses and the public to experience the health benefits of walking in nature on D&R Greenway preserves using new Travestory’s app technology. The apps will link people to place and broaden their connection with the healing elements of the land. The “Healing Trails” apps, simple and engaging to use, will be designed to connect walkers to the healing elements of nature through 15- 20 stories on each app that shares personal healing stories, health facts related to nature and information about points of interest. The apps can be downloaded for free to any smartphone and provide GPS-triggered audio narration with music and other features. Once the apps have been downloaded, they can be used outside in nature at any time without the need for WiFi. A partnership on D&R Greenway's campus with the YWCA Breast Cancer Resource Center, will provide a base for collaboration.


Why does this organization want a PP55 Fellow? What long-term impact will I have?


We are seeking a fellow to work with our President on development of our conservation campus to advance connections with heath and environment and to strengthen partnerships with complementary nonprofits. This role will be responsible for establishing the "Healing Trails Initiative" and implementing our ability to inspire a conservation ethic. This includes arts and education programming to advance our mission of land protection and stewardship. This role will strengthen the fellow by providing opportunities to develop both technical and leadership skills and to network with many nonprofits and the public.

What is the organization's culture?


Our office is located in D&R Greenway's Johnson Education Center, a place open to the public that hosts environmental art exhibits and lectures, and meetings. This creates an interesting atmosphere with lots of potential for interaction with people who care about the environment from differing perspectives, ie, science, arts, social justice, gardening, sustainability and local business. Within the office we work collaboratively on projects, guided by a high profile, skilled Board of Trustees and board committees. There is ample opportunity to observe the various functions of a nonprofit and participate and learn from all aspects of our work. We work well with outside partnerships and this expands the opportunity to learn in a meaningful fellowship experience.