Teaching Fellow (2)

Summit Schools Published: December 21, 2017 (2 months ago)


What will I be doing in this position?


Changing the idea of what education or classrooms should be is a significant undertaking; by teaching with Summit, fellows will have the opportunity to engage in a school environment that is at the forefront of personalized learning. Teaching at Summit is unlike teaching in a traditional environment, as our teachers know the individual strengths and growth areas for each student. 

Summit teachers plan by deeply understanding student data and determining what group and individual supports are needed for their students to move forward on complex projects. This planning requires teachers to consider not only how students are integrating content information into their projects but also how they are applying cognitive skills (e.g. hypothesizing) that stretch across all content areas and the habits of success (e.g. perseverance) that allow them to prepare for the world beyond the classroom.

What skills and qualifications do I need to be successful in this position?


Commitment to uphold Summit’s values, belief that all children deserve a rigorous and equitable education that prepares them for college and for life.

- Teaching Credential in California or another US State (or a commitment to obtain a credential by completing an educator preparation program within 2 years of starting at Summit)

- Bachelor’s Degree 

- Clear health and background check

- Teaching experience, either volunteer or paid,  in your subject preferred but not required



How will this position help me grow professionally?


By working as teachers with Summit, PP55 fellows will have the opportunity to develop positive relationships with our students, an experience that contributes towards students’ abilities to lead fulfilled lives. Ultimately, we would aim to retain PP55 fellows as teachers past their fellowship experience, which leads to continuity with student mentor groups and school communities. 



We anticipate this experience will develop the successful fellow as a future leader in education and push our work forward.



What is the organization's mission and history?


In 2000, hundreds of parents and community members came together to reimagine the American high school. They wanted to create an innovative and replicable model for secondary education.

In 2003, Summit Preparatory Charter High School was born. It did not look like, act like or perform like a typical high school – as a result, all Summit students were succeeding.


From there, the vision and the work continued. Overwhelming community demand led to the opening of Summit schools across the Bay Area. The need extended beyond high school, resulting in Summit's first 6-12 school opening its doors in 2013.

Summit’s mission is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to not only attend, but succeed in, a four-year college or university. Driven by our unwavering commitment to our core values, Summit works every day to ensure our students are receiving a world-class education. We seek phenomenal individuals with the talents needed to transform children's lives, as well as those who are interested in working on the cutting edge of education. 

Summit Public Schools is a leading charter management organization serving diverse communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington State with currently eleven schools serving over 3,600 students. Summit school successes include:

- Fast Company named Summit Public Schools a top 10 most innovative organization in education

- Our two flagship schools, Summit Prep and Everest, are named among US News & World Report's Best High Schools of 2015, and also ranked among America's Most Challenging High Schools by the Washington


What are the organization's programs?


Summit is a leading public school system in the California Bay Area and in the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington state. We’re primarily looking for dynamic and driven educators to join us as middle school or high school teachers. PP55 fellows would be involved in strengthening our school communities by empowering students to own their learning and acting as facilitators and coaches to their students. 

Why does this organization want a PP55 Fellow? What long-term impact will I have?


We envision a world where every student is equipped to lead a fulfilled life - one with purpose, financial independence, community, strong relationships, and health. We leverage our work to have a broader impact on public education and to fulfill our mission of preparing a diverse student population for success in a four-year college or university and to be thoughtful, contributing members of society. 

Our mission well aligns with the intended experience for a PP55 fellow to develop a lifelong commitment to civic engagement and to affect social change.


What is the organization's culture?


Summit is a mission-driven and collaborative environment. Our teams are committed to helping our vision become reality for our students and see collaboration as is a key to our success. Be it at a Summit school or in the home office, our teams thrive by partnering together to accomplish our goals. We also know that changing the educational landscape is not an easy feat - and in pushing ourselves to provide the best education for our students, we need people who can remain positive and resilient in the face of big challenges. We look for folks who possess a growth mindset and are flexible in a fast-paced environment. 

We are committed to continual growth at Summit. We have dedicated days of professional development built into the academic year, allowing us to equip teachers with the tools necessary to improve their practice and tackle challenging issues. Teachers receive weekly coaching and time to collaborate with their colleagues on-campus, ensuring that they have the supports needed to succeed in their role. Additionally, we prioritize developing leaders from within and have invested in multiple career pathway programs for our teachers. 

Diversity is at the core of who we are and who we aspire to be at Summit. Our schools are intentionally heterogeneous and reflect the diverse demographics of the communities they are a part of. As faculty, we require teachers to be culturally responsive and to create equitable learning pathways for all students.