About Us

Princeton AlumniCorps: Engage at Every Age from AlumniCorps on Vimeo.
Founded in 1989 as Princeton Project 55, Princeton AlumniCorps mobilizes people, organizations, and networks for the public good. This video tells the story of three of our programs: Project 55 Fellowships, Emerging Leaders, and ARC Innovators. Find out more about what we do and how you can get involved!

Our Mission and Scope

Princeton AlumniCorps was founded in 1989 as an independent, nonpartisan entity called Project 55. Over the next two decades, Project 55 grew into a dynamic multi-generational network of alumni, students, and nonprofit organizations working to build communities, overcome poverty, and serve in the public interest. Early initiatives included The National Character Education Partnership, The Experiential Education Initiative (now run by the Office of the Dean of the College at Princeton University), and The Tuberculosis Initiative, which was instrumental in the worldwide fight against the disease and the establishment of the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development. In 2010, the Founders gathered to consider the future of the organization, the growing needs of nonprofits around the country, and the best ways for Project 55 to remain sustainable and to continue to serve for the general good. The new name Princeton AlumniCorps reflects our renewed commitment to engage alumni of all ages and collegiate affiliation and develop and implement programs that lead to real change. Our new mission, adopted in December 2016, is to mobilize people, organizations, and networks for the public good. We pursue our mission by (a) providing leadership training programs across the arc of civic engagement, (b) building an expansive community of engaged citizens and organizations, and (c) creating and deepening social impact.

Princeton AlumniCorps Programs

Nonprofits provide the creative thinking, leadership, and structure to tackle vital societal concerns.  AlumniCorps’ core programs help nonprofits further their goals while engaging participants in significant public service activities throughout their lives, from the moment they graduate college to their encore careers. We also serve as an active model for other universities and their affinity groups to achieve their goals of alumni-driven civic engagement. With nearly 2,000 program alumni, 200 volunteers, and a network of nearly 600 nonprofit partner organizations, Princeton AlumniCorps is a unique catalyst of dynamic engagement of people and organizations committed to building not just a new generation of civic leaders, but civic leadership across generations. We currently operate three core programs:

  1. Our flagship Princeton Project 55 Fellowship Program (PP55) places recent graduates at nonprofit organizations working towards systemic change. Program alumni now number more than 1,900 and have served at nearly 500 nonprofits across the country.
  2. Emerging Leaders is designed to propel aspiring nonprofit leaders forward in their careers and address the growing leadership deficit that the sector faces.
  3. ARC Innovators was launched in 2012 with the vision of extending the arc of public service to experienced professionals and connecting them with skills-based pro bono project opportunities in the nonprofit sector. The volunteers Apply expertise, Renew commitment and Create change.

Princeton Project 55 and ARC Innovators provide the exceptional and passionate talent nonprofits so desperately need. Our Emerging Leaders program, meanwhile, provides those talented professionals working in the sector with the skills they need to succeed. Working together, leveraging the networks created by these programs, and developing and sustaining a pipeline of effective leaders in the nonprofit sector will, we believe, lead to surprisingly powerful results.

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