The Alumni Network

The Alumni Network (TAN) is a consortium of alumni-driven public interest organizations. These programs are founded and managed by alumni, staff, and students of colleges and universities around the country.The majority of the programs in The Alumni Network place summer interns and year-long fellows with nonprofit organizations. The Alumni Network fosters the establishment of alumni-based public interest organizations, both nationally and internationally, and helps to originate, coordinate, facilitate, and advocate the activities of such organizations.

Princeton AlumniCorps created The Alumni Network in the spirit of spreading our model of alumni civic engagement. Through TAN, AlumniCorps has partnered with alumni from Princeton and numerous other institutions to inspire, support, and share best practices with the goal of increasing the number and impact of alumni-driven public interest organizations. 

Inspired by Chet Safian '55, the Princeton Project 55 Board of Directors approved the development of a Princeton Project 55 outreach program in 1997. The Alumni Network officially began in 1999 with nine affiliate organizations. These organizations operated independently of one another, yet many of them had been inspired by the Princeton Project 55 model of engaging alumni in the public interest or had collaborated with Princeton Project 55 on a regular basis.

In April 2000, TAN held its first conference at the Boston University School of Management with participants from 17 institutions. Between 2000 and 2003, assisted by TAN program managers and classmates, Safian met with representatives of more than 60 colleges and universities across the country, inspiring many to develop new programs.

These past few years, TAN has seen greater cooperation among affiliates through joint seminar programs and unfilled position sharing for TAN-affiliated internship and fellowship programs as well as increased collaboration both locally and at national conferences. To learn more about current TAN affiliates, please check out our Affiliates page