What to Expect

Access experience, build capacity. 

Every executive director has that list of projects that are of strategic importance but hard to staff. They require a skill set or experience beyond the resources of existing staff, but would be prohibitively costly to source through consultants. If done well, they could improve how an organization meets its mission. They are opportunities for innovation that need the right person or team to take them on.

ARC Innovators provides organizations with pro bono, capacity-building assistance in the form of experienced alumni from the Princeton University network who donate their time and expertise to work on projects that require a more advanced set of professional skills. Working with our partner organizations across the country, Innovators are professionals who have experience and are ready to contribute to organizations that need their particular skill set for a short-term project. Our Innovators listen deeply, take the time to understand an organization and its priorities, and apply their unique expertise where it can be most helpful. As a result, priority projects get the attention they need and Innovators get the chance to put their experience to work on a meaningful project in a new context.

ARC Innovators work on a variety of projects across a range of fields. Some recent examples include:

  • A former marketing executive secured in-kind donations of sustainable energy technology products to retrofit cabins at an environmental education center.
  • A legal editor compiled and edited an anthology of stories as a fundraiser for a children’s grief support center.
  • A real estate professional helped a public health organization find more cost effective office space.
  • An intellectual property lawyer crafted a social impact bonds strategy for a permanent supportive housing organization.

Why Organizations Participate

  • To resource important projects that they may not otherwise be able to complete.
  • To access pro bono talent that improves their capacity and brings innovation to their work.
  • Working with AlumniCorps generates greater awareness of nonprofit organizations through connections to the network of Princeton alumni and through publicity to the community at large.

How it Works

  • Princeton AlumniCorps recruits motivated, talented people who want to make a substantial difference in their community by completing a substantive volunteer project for local nonprofit organization.
  • We identify nonprofit organizations with critical, capacity-building needs that can be met through short-term projects with well-defined goals.
  • ​Based on the skills of our Innovators nd the needs of each project, we match individual alumni Innovators with our partner organizations to complete projects with measurable outcomes and meaningful impact.


We ask our partner organizations to make the following commitments as they frame their ARC Innovator project:

1. Project support from executive levels of leadership including your Executive Director and board

2. Staff capacity to orient, support, thank and work in partnership with the ARC Innovator

3. A project with well defined goals, as well as a discrete begining and end that can be completed between late summer and the end of 2016

4. Commitment to a 30 day check in call with both the Innovator and AlumniCorps staff

5. Completion of an evaluation at the end of the project


To submit a project description, visit our Organization Applications page.