Organization Profiles and Testimonials

The organization profiles below are representative of the work being done by Project 55 Fellows with some of our long term partners across the country. Each year our partners are given a chance to submit position descriptions for Project 55 Fellows which can be viewed in our Fellowship Directory.

Elevate Energy

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UCSF Breast Care Center 


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Association to Benefit Children

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North Lawndale Employment Network (NLEN) 


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Achievement Prep

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What do Project 55 Fellows do at Elevate Energy?

At Elevate Energy, Project 55 Fellows conduct energy audits, perform energy modeling of buildings, and assist our buildings team management to oversee all aspects of energy efficiency improvement projects. Fellows work in the field with building owners to manage construction projects resulting from their own recommendations. While at Elevate Energy, Fellows complete site evaluations of properties, perform analyses of current and future energy use of multifamily buildings, and create energy assessment reports that are provided to owners. Previous Fellows have also worked on and published research with the National Renewable Energy Lab.


What does Elevate Energy do?

Elevate Energy designs and implements energy efficiency programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure the benefits of energy efficiency to those who need it most. This “triple bottom line” approach and the holistic solutions that results are what makes Elevate Energy unique. 


Why does Elevate Energy host Project 55 Fellows?

We hope that Project 55 Fellows might decide that what they do for our organization is just what they want to do with their careers. Elevate Energy has a long history of promoting and working with Fellows to continue their professional development. We love that our Fellows perform well and move out into the world with fond memories and excellent skills from Elevate Energy. The Project 55 Fellows at Elevate Energy have a lasting impact on our organization. Whether the Fellows help develop energy usage calculations or create training programs, there are myriad opportunities to engage with our staff and network and to develop unique and life-long skills.







What does UCSF Breast Care Center do?

UCSF Breast Cancer Research Center provides innovative and comprehensive breast care that addresses the needs of the whole person. They do this via state of the art health care services, extensive psychological support and clinical trial research. The Center includes a beautiful healing garden, an information resource center, and boutique with specialty bras, prostheses, scarves, wigs, books, flowers, and gift items. Patients can access the many support groups, nutritional counseling and educational programs available at the Breast Care Center.


Why does UCSF host Project 55 Fellows?

Project 55 Fellows are a highly motivated, intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated group, who add a unique dimension to the Breast Care Center. Their enthusiasm, commitment, energy, and idealism are critical ingredients to our program, enabling faculty and staff to constantly revisit and renew their own commitments because of their unbridled enthusiasm, team commitment, and appetite for learning in improving health care delivery. We believe that this experience prepares the Fellows to become leaders in medicine. We hope they will go on to promote the principles we espouse in the program, including working to develop systems to allow us to tailor treatment to biology and patient preference, and to be informed by clinical performance.


What do Project 55 Fellows do at UCSF?

At UCSF, fellows learn how to approach the development of a research project, conduct a clinical trial and integrate clinical care and research. Fellows also get in-depth training on all aspects of breast cancer, from basic science to clinical care. All Fellows spend a day a week as part of the Patient Support Corps Program. They learn special skills in Decision Sciences and are trained to assist patients in preparation for consultations with physicians. Fellows take part in comprehensive educational lecture series on breast cancer biology, research, and treatment from a variety of medical, psychological, and biological perspectives. Fellows are orientated to the clinic, OR, and/or labs during this time, and they participate in a 2-day Patient Support Corps training session.










What does the Association to Benefit Children do?

The Association to Benefit Children (ABC) is dedicated to bringing joy and warmth to disadvantaged children and their families through compassionate, sustainable, comprehensive and integrated services, designed to permanently break the cycles of abuse, neglect, sickness and homelessness.


Why does the Association to Benefit Children host Project 55 Fellows?

ABC depends on the perseverance of its staff members, and its mission is realized by their enthusiastic and passionate commitment. Over the many years, this same commitment has revealed itself in the passion of ABC’s PP55 Fellows. Careers in public service necessarily require initiative, energy and focus; the duties involved in delivering services to the most underprivileged and vulnerable are particularly demanding. Welcoming a PP55 Fellow yearly onto the ABC team ensures that the legacy of service is passed on from cohort to cohort, generation to generation, providing the working world with individuals who have the experience, expertise, and passion to improve the quality of life for those most in need. The partnership ensures that the energies, new ideas, diverse perspectives, and training unique to PP55 Fellows can be shared with ABC’s team.

What do Project 55 Fellows do at the Association to Benefit Children?

Fellows have held a range of roles at ABC. In recent years, they have worked on projects to assist the Chief Program Officer with program management including quality assurance, technical assistance, community relations and program development. Fellows research and prepare grant proposals that respond to community needs with innovative programming and measurable outcomes for participants. Fellows attend community forums both to represent ABC and to report back regarding relevant information. Fellows help orient and assist in the training of new staff, interns, and volunteers, help to coordinate special events and projects, and serve as liaison to government meetings and agency staff. Fellows also work in front line programming at ABC’s Echo Park Early Childhood Center. There they work on day to day implementation of the pre-school program, as well as identifying outside services and activities to further enhance the program. Fellows also work closely with parents and families to help them understand the preschool program and access auxiliary services.









What does North Lawndale Employment Network do?

The North Lawndale Employment Network aspires to improve the earnings potential of the North Lawndale community through innovative employment initiatives that lead to economic advancement and improved quality of life for residents. NLEN believes that neighborhood-focused employment initiatives are fundamental to improving the quality of life for neighborhood residents. Connections to education and employment can positively impact individuals’ economic advancement and improve quality of life. Founded in 1999, the North Lawndale Employment Network (NLEN) serves 2,000 people every year. Clients include citizens returning from incarceration and others who face the day-to-day hardships of living without enough income to support themselves and their families.


Why does NLEN host a Project 55 Fellow?

NLEN hosts Project 55 Fellows because their skills, education and passion help increase the organization’s capacity to offer innovative employment initiatives, evaluation, research, and development, as well as support to change and improve the lives of North Lawndale residents. The partnership between the Fellow and the organization is mutually beneficial as both parties are challenged and developed by the other. NLEN has been a partner of P55 nearly every year since we hosted our first fellow in 1999.


What does a Project 55 Fellow do at NLEN?

Fellows work on a variety of projects at NLEN. The 2014-15 Project 55 Fellow, Matt Gwin ’14, worked on an update to our U-Turn Permitted program curriculum that prepares returning citizens for successful reentry into the workforce. This update included the new Building Bridges/Building Connections workshop that brings police officers and community residents together in a meaningful way and allows them to see each other with new eyes. Matt also helped the team update the data management and collection system by integrating free online tools in ways that allow us to collect and manage our data more efficiently and effectively. This technology helped identify opportunities for growth and ways we can make even better use program time. Matt’s updates could shorten the length of the program which would encourage more community participation and help increase enrollment, placement and retention numbers which are critical to the success of any workforce development program.












What does Achievement Prep do?

Achievement Prep prepares students to excel as high-achieving scholars and leaders in high school, college, and beyond. Critical to Achievement Prep’s mission is the idea of developing and fostering a strong character in its scholars. Scholars focus on the development and practice of Achievement Prep’s DREAM values (Determination, Respect, Enthusiasm, Accountability, and Mastery).

Achievement Prep offers a network of high-performing, college preparatory schools located east of the Anacostia River in Ward 8 of Washington, DC. Achievement Prep schools are tuition free, open enrollment schools. Achievement Prep has been an award-winning public charter school recognized for its immediate impact in closing the achievement gap between low-income and affluent students in Washington, DC. Our scholars have been among the top performing scholars in the District, often outperforming their peers in more affluent neighborhoods.


Why does Achievement Prep host a Project 55 Fellow?

Achievement Prep desires to expand their program with an emphasis on quality. Project 55 Fellows help Achievement Prep reach its goal by helping to codify and execute organizational practices, executing special projects, supporting the school with day-to-day operations and external affairs. Fellows work with Achievement Prep staff in our network office to implement and execute against the school’s strategic growth plan through research, fund development, operational activities, event planning, community outreach, and scholar recruitment activities.


What does a Project 55 Fellow do at Achievement Prep?

Fellows fill a variety of roles at Achievement Prep and have the opportunity to have their hands on all parts of the organization. Special Projects Fellows work with school wide initiatives and projects including enrollment, operational efficiency and special events. Front line roles have Fellows working with high school students on college preparation and counseling, as well as providing classroom support.