ARC Innovators

ARC Innovators: Apply your expertise. Renew your commitment. Create change. 

ARC Innovators provides experienced professionals with opportunities to apply and expand their skills in a nonprofit setting through pro bono projects with our partner organizations across the country.  Innovators are professionals who have significant experience and are ready to contribute to organizations that need their particular skill set for an advanced, short-term project. By bringing their expertise and a fresh perspective to bear on persistent challenges faced by our nonprofit partners, Innovators create lasting change while gaining valuable experience in a nonprofit setting.

Innovators commit to working with organizational leadership on well-defined projects for a period of 2-6 months, usually for a few hours each week. Many projects can be done remotely.

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Safer Foundation - Competitive Analyst

New Jersey

New Community Corporation – Strategic Planning Consultant

New York City

On Call for Democracy - Organizer Training and Support Coordinator (remote)

Washington, DC

Appleseed - Website Consultant

Appleseed - Database Consultant

Appleseed - Deportation Manual Translators

EveryoneOn – Board Development Consultant

EveryoneOn – Strategic Planning Consultant

Projects will require a skill set acquired through professional experience, and our partner organizations have committed to providing top-level guidance and support for the duration of the project.

Why Participate

  • To apply skills you’ve spent years developing in a way that makes a difference in the community.
  • To invigorate retirement and career transitions via new opportunities in the nonprofit sector.
  • To renew your commitment to a cause that matters to you.
  • To add a substantial project to your resume.
  • To gain experience in the nonprofit sector and provide valuable, impactful services.
  • To enhance your professional skills and personal interests through civic engagement.
  • To create something new with people who value your perspective.

How It Works

  • Princeton AlumniCorps recruits motivated, talented individuals who want to make a substantial difference in their community by completing a substantive volunteer project for local nonprofit organization.
  • We identify nonprofit organizations with critical, capacity-building needs that can be met through short-term projects with well-defined goals.
  • Based on the needs of each project, we match Innovators with nonprofits to complete projects with measurable outcomes and meaningful impact.

Application review will be ongoing through summer and fall 2018.


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