Annual Report

Princeton AlumniCorps is pleased to announce the release of our 2016-17 AnnualReport. Our organization has thrived for over 27 years because its founders and subsequent staff and volunteer leaders have recognized that by working together – across generations, backgrounds, locations, political persuasions, and various other perspectives – much can be accomplished for the common good.  This annual report includes highlights from each of our core leadership programs and profiles a few people who have been involved with Princeton AlumniCorps from July 2016 through this past June.  Their inspiring stories are representative of the hundreds of participants and volunteers involved with Princeton AlumniCorps.  A few of our accomplishments in 2016-17 include:

  • Adopting a new strategic plan in February 2017 titled Common Purpose.
  • Placing 45 young graduates in Fellowships at public interest organizations around the country through the Project 55 Fellowship Program. Fellowship alumni now number more than 1,700.
  • Training 32 Emerging Leaders to be more effective agents of change in the nonprofit and public interest sectors.
  • Connecting 10 seasoned professionals of all ages to high-impact, skills-based projects through ARC Innovators.
  • Engaging more than 200 volunteers and almost 500 donors in supporting and driving all facets of our work.

Thank you for your support!

In community,

Kef Kasdin ’85
President & Executive Director


Read the report online, or download a PDF of the report.

Author: alumnicorps

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