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Website Consultant

Who is the nonprofit partner? 

In 1993, Richard J. Medalie, a successful Washington lawyer, wrote to his fellow Harvard Law School classmates to solicit their involvement in “an exciting development” that had occurred during their 35th Reunion. “Members of our Class,” he reported, “voted to establish a Class of 1958 sponsored and funded foundation to help organize, establish, and guide state centers for law in the public interest throughout the country.”

Thus was launched an entity stemming from discussions that had been germinating for several years amongst Medalie and a group of fellow Harvard-trained lawyers who sought a new approach to pro bono legal organizations. Their strategy was to focus on broad systemic social initiatives, rather than the traditional model of providing legal services to individuals.

Appleseed has now been in operation for more than twenty years and support a nonprofit Network of 18 Centers across the U.S. and Mexico that are dedicated to advancing local solutions to chronic poverty and injustice.

Major programs at the binational level are immigration (providing resources to help immigrant families protect their children and assets; advocating to improve the immigration court system; advocacy to protect the due process rights of immigrants) and financial access issues (advocating for and protecting consumer financial protection regulations). Through engagement with our pro bono partners, Appleseed works to ensure that government advances the public interest, corporations treat consumers fairly, and all can exercise rights and enjoy real opportunities.

What skills or interests do I need to do the project?

The Innovator should have some website design and building experience, as well as knowledge of communications and messaging tactics for effective websites. It would be beneficial if the Innovator either has training and instructional experience or is comfortable providing training to Appleseed staff for long term website maintenance.

The Innovator should have interest in immigration and other social justice issues.

What’s the project all about?

Appleseed’s website is out of date, overly complicated, difficult to maintain, and extremely slow. In order to continue to promote the work the organization is doing and engage more donors and supporters for future efforts, there is a need to strip down/redesign/simplify the website while still providing a way for people to access publications and resources. The goals/deliverables would be to evaluate the current status of the website, make recommendations on a redesign – both the visual and what content to keep, build the website in a way that makes it easy to maintain and update, and import new or existing content to the new site.

Appleseed has shifted focus over the last several years to pay more attention to supporting Appleseed Centers, starting new Centers, and developing and expanding collaborative projects and opportunities between those Centers. Of course,the organization will also want to highlight the past and current work. The current website doesn’t support the former and hardly support the latter – which is why a redesign is needed. It is also  needed to  to expand and deepen relationships with the donor base and given how clunky and slow the website is, that is nearly impossible.

What are the project objectives and deliverables?

  • Evaluate the current status of the website; make recommendations on a redesign – both visual and what content to keep
  • Build the website in a way that makes it easy to maintain and update (we currently use WordPress and would be happy to stick with that platform, as long as our website template was simplified)
  • Import new or existing content to the new site

Who from the organization will provide me with support?

Elisa Ortiz, Director of Network Collaboration, will provide support on the project.

How long will the project take?

It is anticipated that the project will take 10-12 weeks.

Where will I complete the project?

The work can be done remotely or in person.


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