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North Lawndale Employment Network (NLEN)

ARC Innovator Title:

Power Map Consultant

Who is the nonprofit partner? 

NLEN serves 2,500 individuals each year helping them to gain new skills, improve their self-worth, secure jobs, and become financially secure. The organizations clients include citizens returning from incarceration and others who face the day-to-day hardships of living without enough income to support themselves and their families. They are often trapped in an endless cycle of poverty with multiple levels of obstacles that prevent them from moving upward and onward towards economic independence. Most lack sufficient education and possess few work skills.  NLEN responds to the critical needs of its clients through employment services, transitional jobs, and financial capability training. The organization’s programs and services specifically address the challenges of communities that face high rates of unemployment, underemployment and poverty. Our approach involves neighborhood-focused employment initiatives that target the challenges unique to the communities we serve. These are fundamental to improving the quality of life for residents who are too often unable to access the necessary resources that lead to a pathway out of poverty.
U-Turn Permitted provides job training to citizens returning from incarceration; NLEN’s social enterprise, Sweet Beginnings, LLC, provides transitional jobs and much-needed work experience and employment history; the Financial Opportunity Center provides financial capability and computer training; and customized skills training prepares those who are ready for career path jobs.

What skills or interests do I need to do the project?

The Innovator should have knowledge, skills and interest in community organizing, social justice work, structures of power, policy, advocacy and similar fields and topics. The ideal Innovator would be knowledgeable in concept design, logic models and power mapping. It would also be helpful if the Innovator is an experienced facilitator and consultant who can provide constructive criticism and useful feedback.

What’s the project all about?

NLEN is interested in a power mapping project. The organization recently learned at the Prosperity Now Summit that power is the ability to change the rules. To reach the population-level poverty reduction and unemployment reduction NLEN is striving for, the organization may need to change some of the rules. To do this, NLEN will need to correctly identify who has the power to change the rules that need changing so that more members of the community can earn a living wage. Power mapping is a community organizing strategy that NLEN can use to help their clients be more successful in the job market. Using this resource, the organization can identify who holds the hiring power within an organization and, also, who holds influence over that person. A power map, properly done, can reveal these relationships and power dynamics and help NLEN’s programmatic team design a winning strategy for bringing the organization’s efforts to scale.

What are the project objectives and deliverables?

  • Conduct a workshop and then facilitate follow up sessions with NLEN’s  team for the duration of the project..
  • Follow-up and revision support for the production of a final power map
  • Create a strategy that positions NLEN as a key influencer throughout Chicago and Cook County.

Who from the organization will provide me with support?

Mark Sanders, Chief Program Officer and Director of Institutional Effectiveness, will provide support on the project.

How long will the project take?

It is anticipated that the project will take 3-6 weeks.

Where will I complete the project?

The work can be done remotely or on-site.

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