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The Learning Cooperative

Project Title:

Marketing Strategy Design

ARC Innovator Title:

Marketing Strategist

Who is the nonprofit partner?

The Learning Cooperatives is a network of community-based, educational centers providing teenagers with self-directed and supported opportunities to express and explore their interests and passions outside of the traditional school system.

The Learning Cooperatives is comprised of three physical centers each with a small in-house staff serving a learning community of youth aged 12-18: Princeton Learning Cooperative founded in 2010 in Princeton, NJ, Bucks Learning Cooperative founded in 2015 in Langhorne, PA, and Raritan Learning Cooperative opening in September 2017 in Flemington, NJ. The membership fee for 2017-18 is $13,000, with more than half of our members receiving fee reductions, totaling more than a third of full-time fees. At our Learning Cooperatives (LCs), we offer mentoring; tutoring; a variety of student-chosen classes; and a safe, comfortable place for teens to work and socialize. Additionally, we help teens with college admissions and the process of finding internships and volunteer work in the community. By using these resources, teens create personalized educational paths that reflect their interests, strengths and goals.

What skills or interests do I need to do the project?

The Innovator should have:

-Experience with marketing in either a non-profit or corporate setting

–Proficiency with digital marketing tools and practices

–Excellent communicator and creative thinker

–Ability to lead and drive the project forward

–Works well in a team setting

–Open to learning about a new approach for educating young people


What’s the project all about?

We are interested to have an ARC Innovator develop a marketing strategy and implementation plan, with a special focus on digital marketing (websites, email campaigns, social media, etc.). The strategy and plan will need to take into account our recent efforts to re-brand our organization and to include tools and structures to facilitate our implementation of the strategy. A defined and cohesive marketing strategy will support and direct our recruiting efforts at our three locations, and attaining membership goals for each LC is our number one priority over the next two years. Our education approach is distinctly different from traditional public and private schooling, and is hard to explain to people who have no background in alternative education. There are hundreds of young people who live locally and could benefit from being members at one of our learning cooperatives. We are interested to improve our messaging and outreach efforts to help families understand how we can support a new approach to living and learning.

What are the project objectives and deliverables?

The goal of this project is to create a marketing strategy and plan, with a special focus on digital marketing. The strategy will likely begin with research, discussion and specification of the segments of the market and their needs (relating to both members and volunteers). With the segments defined, we will focus on how to effectively market to these groups (common or varying language, social media strategy, other tools, etc.) as well as what specific marketing activities to focus on. The strategy will also include a section on how we can best monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing strategy as we implement the various pieces. With the strategy defined, the next step is to create a plan to implement specific marketing activities and practices. The plan will include actions to be taken to improve our marketing practice (e.g., website SEO practices), as well as activities that we can add to our outreach efforts.


For both the strategy and the plan we are interested to focus specifically on digital marketing to include: website, email, content (text, blog, video), search, social media, paid ads, and analytics (evaluation).

Specifically the Innovator will:

-Create a marketing strategy document to inform and support specific marketing activities.

–Create a marketing plan that TLC staff can use to implement specific marketing activities.

–Lead a discussion with TLC staff to best understand the organization’s strategy, operating principles, and recent marketing activities.

–Conduct any market analysis that might be needed to inform TLC’s marketing strategy.

–Analyze our digital marketing practices and specify ways we can improve what we are already doing and what tools/practices we can add to our outreach efforts.

–Analyze our written and spoken communications and campaigns and offer suggestions for improvement.

–Work with staff to enhance specific recruiting activities and our process for follow up with potential families and volunteers.


Who from the organization will provide me with support?

Joel Hammon, the Executive Director will provide support.

How long will the project take?

The project will take between 10- 12 weeks depending on time available from the Innovator.

Where will I complete the project?

The work can be done onsite or remotely.





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