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Broad Futures


Project Title:

Strategic Marketing & Communications Overhaul

ARC Innovator Title:

Marketing & Communications Innovator

Who is the nonprofit partner?

BroadFutures advances the inherent potential of young adults with learning disabilities through partnerships that fosters independence, self-advocacy, and successful employment.

BroadFutures is an innovative workforce program than combines holistic training with mentoring and paid internships. We serve young adults between the ages of 18-26 with learning disabilities (“LD”), who are at risk for failing out of school and unable to transition seamlessly to the workforce.  Our mission is to enhance the inherent potential of these promising young adults, to lead successful and productive lives.  Drama and speech pathology are utilized to deliver the communication and professionalism curriculum. The curriculum also incorporates a unique focus on stress reduction and tolerance through yoga and meditation. Youth with LD are an underserved and underrepresented group with respect to services, yet remains the largest disability group within the country.  Disabilities cross all racial, socio-economic, gender and age barriers. BroadFutures is the only work based learning or internship program, specifically serving youth with LD in the country.

What skills or interests do I need to do the project?

BroadFutures is seeking highly energetic, versatile individual, who likes to think innovatively and is attracted to the entrepreneurial spirit of a young non-profit.  The ideal innovator will have strong communication, marketing and/ or public relations skills, as well as an interest and experience in learning disabilities or mental health issues. The innovator should have strong analytical skills and understand the demands of an entrepreneurial environment, which necessitates strong flexibility. Finally, our innovator should have a strong commitment to making an impact and a desire to work in a mission driven organization that is team focused.

What’s the project all about?

The Marketing and Communications Innovator would be responsible for developing and implementing a marketing and communications plan. She or he would be working directly with the CEO and Board of Trustees, as well as any of the organization’s pro bono consultants, who may be providing external advice.  The Innovator would also be working with, and be supported by, program administrative staff. The position would have with flexibility around hours and the ability to work remotely at times.

The need for the project is critical and significant to our organization at this time. BroadFutures is a young non-profit and are at a crucial inflection point.  We have grown according to the original business plan goals and have achieved wonderful success and results. However, the goal is to double the program each year for the next two years. Such growth will allow us to reach a strategic critical mass where the organization is able to replicate the program to other urban areas.  In order to do this, the external and internal scans and assessments indicate that BroadFutures is in great need of a marketing and communications plan and overhaul.  This need (along with increased staffing) for more refined, targeted and meaningful messages is one of the organization’s most important drivers going forward.

What are the project objectives and deliverables?

The marketing and communications plan and overhaul are intended to allow BroadFutures to more easily and more successfully deliver our message and inform stakeholders about our program.  A message that is more readily accessible is needed at this time, with the intention that such a message will help us to significantly expand our program.  We expect this growth to be measured in an increase in the number of participants, employer partners and other strategic partnerships, as well as donor dollars.

The specific deliverables are a marketing and communications plan that encompasses and delivers new marketing materials with respect to some or all of the items listed below:

External communication:

-          All marketing materials for prospective employers, participants, and donors.

-          Revamping the copy for our website and helping to develop a “story” based approach to our information

-          Coordinating and helping to design a marketing video.

-          Bringing a fresh perspective and design to newsletters and other regular communications with our community

-          Social media overhaul and plan.

Internal Communications:

-          Assisting our Board in the development of a refined mission statement.

-          Assisting in the creating of talking points and donor and “sales” materials for staff education and solicitation.

-          Ensuring staff is educated and understands the overarching message of BroadFutures and is versed on how to communicate it with external stakeholders

Who from the organization will provide me with support?

The Innovator will be supported by the CEO and program team.

How long will the project take?

The project will take between 10 – 12 weeks depending on time available from the Innovator.


Where will I complete the project?

The work can be done onsite or remotely.



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