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DREAM Charter School

DREAM (formerly Harlem RBI)

Project Title:

DREAM Data Benchmarking and Analysis

ARC Innovator Title:

Lead Analyst

Who is the nonprofit partner? 

DREAM’s mission is to provide inner-city youth with opportunities to Play, Learn, and Grow. We use the power of teams to coach, teach and inspire youth to recognize their potential and realize their dreams.

What skills or interests do I need to do the project?

The Innovator will be responsible for all research and analysis of agreed upon metrics.  He/She will need to dive into the sector through research outlets such as reports and publications as well as conversations and interviews.  The Innovator will work directly with the Manager of Strategic Finance as well as the Chief Strategy Officer to align with the needs of the organization as the project is progressing.  Additionally, a final report presented to key members of the organization will also be asked of the Innovator.

DREAM is looking for an Innovator that can conduct research, analyze comparable industry data and distill key findings for executive leadership.  It would be helpful if the Innovator has done some work in the education and youth services sectors, and if they can synthesize information that may not necessarily be published or easily accessible.  Connecting to innovators that have a genuine interest or have demonstrated a desire to learn more about our line of work would be an added plus. Lastly,DREAM could learn a lot from a candidate that has any experience in introducing innovative research practices to an organization.

What’s the project all about?

The Project will mainly focus on research and analysis of comparable industry data across different aspects of our organization.  The project will require research into industry best practices as well as benchmarking comparable data from other education and youth services non profits.

DREAM is committed to the use of data to achieve their mission and better serve the youth and families in their communities.  In order to make more informed decisions and continue driving toward best in class, it is invaluable to understand industry standards and cutting edge innovations in the sector.  Also, gaining insight into how inputs, outputs and outcomes are measured elsewhere, it will allow DREAM to fine tune processes to continue operating as efficiently as possible. The strategic plan focuses on the ability to sustain, evolve and expand – by having concrete data to support decision making, DREAM will be able to more fully execute on the plan.

Some potential examples of areas of work to be researched and analyzed are as follows:

  • Academic outcomes for youth in school and out of school
  • Social and emotional outcomes for youth in school and out of school
  • Health and Wellness outcomes
  • Derailing behaviors research
  • Utilization and efficiency indicators such as cost per youth in school and out of school
  • Talent development and retention
  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Compliance, IT and facilities benchmarks
  • Fundraising and communications benchmarks


What are the project objectives and deliverables?

The goal of the project would be to research and analyze industry comparables across a number of areas within the organization, including, but not limited to, youth and family outcomes as well as back office functions such as attracting and retaining talent.

The project deliverables would be:

  • Initial research around best practices in the sector
  • Defining critical metrics to benchmark
  • Collecting and analyzing targeted industry data that can be compared against current organizational data
  • Presenting findings in a final report that provides recommendations for organizational growth areas

DREAM estimates this project to be valued at $3,000 – $6,000 in money and time saved.  In addition, the findings of the Innovator will hopefully lead to decisions that allow the organization to operate more efficiently with current resources, and ultimately serve more youth.  From this project DREAM expects to learn strengths and growth areas of the organization, which will ultimately help replicate the things they are good at and address places of growth.

Who from the organization will provide me with support?

The Innovator will be supported by the Manager of Strategic Finance as well as the Chief Strategy Officer.


How long will the project take?


The project will take between 10 – 12 weeks.


Where will I complete the project?

The work can be done onsite or remotely.



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